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Admission Requirements: Your Path to Joining LifeLine Ocala

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Entrance Requirements

No qualified person will be excluded from enrollment at LIFE-LINE INSTITUTE OCALA based on age, race, gender, disability or national origin. Class start times vary depending upon languages of Instruction. Completing a course or program in a language other than English may reduce employability where English is required.

Applicants must be 17 years of age or older. If applicant is 17 years of age at the time of enrollment, a parent or guardian must enroll the applicant. Applicant must be 18 years of age by or before the time of graduation from all LIFE-LINE INSTITUTE OCALA programs.

As part of the student record and admissions to LIFE-LINE INSTITUTE OCALA, applicants must provide the following documentation:

1. One primary form of documentation, such as an unexpired Florida driver license, an unexpired United States official identification card, an unexpired United States passport, an unexpired United States permanent resident card and a copy of the social security card OR

2. Two secondary forms of documentation, one that must be a photo identification card other than those specified above and one additional form of identification, such as a Certificate of Naturalization, military ID, or a certified copy of a United States birth certificate with a Social Security card.

3. The applicant should present evidence of high school diploma, evidence of foreigner High School Completion Translated and evaluated Original Transcript, or GED. Applicants must present evidence of graduation or GED prior to enrollment of the program of study.

4. All applying students must complete an Admissions Application & Enrollment Agreement.

5. Students receive a catalog before enrollment commences.

6. LIFE-LINE INSTITUTE OCALA will keep records of prospective students denied admission for at least one year.

7. Prospective students, who were denied admission and would like to view their file, may submit a written request. Access to view the file will be granted within 48 hours of request.

8. It is the responsibility of all students to inform the Student & Career Service Officer that they have all immunizations up-to-date and a general medical physical form prior to beginning externship.

All the above admission requirements will be submitted to our Admissions Representative to be kept on file for only 30 days. After this time students may re-apply for their program of choice.
Applicants must submit the documentation identified above in person or through a certified copy by United States Mail by the drop and add period for the applicable term. Applicants who fail to satisfy the requirements identified above will not be admitted to LIFE-LINE INSTITUTE OCALA.


Non-Discrimination Policy

LIFE-LINE INSTITUTE OCALA of Ocala does not discriminate regarding race, sex, color, creed and/or religion.

Enrollment Procedures

Each applicant will attend an interview with admissions personnel. We encourage applicants to bring their friends and families or those who are a vital part of their personal “support system”. Both the applicants and family members will have an opportunity to learn more about the institution and its training programs. The interview is designed to evaluate applicants and their commitment to their educational goals. (This can also be via ZOOM Meeting)

Criminal Background Checks

Students enrolled in certain programs mainly health related, may be subject to a criminal background check prior to job placement referral or Licensing Exam background requests to ensure they are qualified to meet occupational or employment requirements, clinical or externship placement requirements or licensure standards for many programs, including but not limited to those in the allied health field. Students are advised that any type of felony record may disqualify their possibility of examination approval or job placement, even after program completion.

Important Note: Applicants with criminal backgrounds who apply for programs which require state certification or licensure are advised that they will be required to submit to a criminal background check by the Florida Department of Health as part of the licensure application. Presence of criminal convictions on record may be caused to reject an applicant for state licensure. Furthermore, a criminal background may cause exclusion from externship activities depending upon the externship site’s policies and rules. Externship sites may or may not require that specific criminal background checks be performed prior to attending clinical duties on site. All costs related with criminal background checks will be the responsibility of the student.

Facility Description

The institution consists of approximately Ten thousand square feet of space including a waiting area, an admission and registration office with multiple Classes, 2 administrative offices, 5 large classrooms, 1 library, 3 lab rooms, and a break room. There are three restrooms on the premises and ample parking and public transportation in front and side of school complex. LIFE-LINE INSTITUTE OCALA assists our students with Academic Departments that support students throughout their academic life. The Campus is located strategically in a facility that provides easy access to public, local and highway transportation for the benefit of all our students and our dedicated and friendly staff assures that all students feel welcome and proud to represent our institution.

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