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Program Objective:

Upon completion of this program, graduates will possess the skills and knowledge to become employed as entry level Phlebotomy Technicians, in hospitals, out-patient centers, clinics, diagnostic labs, medical centers and other medical facilities.

Program Description:

The Phlebotomy Technician program is designed to train students to perform duties which include blood draw, storing blood and blood components, venipuncture, basic processing, urinalysis and specimen collection. Students will learn the circulatory system with its functions and pathology of diseases, law and ethics, critical policies and procedures including universal precautions, infection control, OSHA, and CLIA guidelines. In addition, students will learn how they apply to the Phlebotomy Technician’s duties and responsibilities. Students will demonstrate knowledge and apply skills in using medical tools and equipment relevant to the function of a Phlebotomy Technician. Upon completion of the program the student will receive a diploma. Students may begin working in their field of training as soon as diploma is received.

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Registration Fee

LIFE-LINE INSTITUTE OCALA would like to congratulate you on your decision of continuing your education and we would like to welcome you to our campus where you will begin your student life and become part as the LIFE-LINE INSTITUTE OCALA family. Our location provides a friendly/family-oriented institution. The staff will greet and treat you with a friendly welcome. All of the School departments will take a personal interest in the progress of each one of our students. This caring attitude, combined with progressive curricula, and practical lab studies from certificate to diplomas and degree programs, our students receive a meaningful higher education experience, as well as effective preparation for their beginning entry-level careers.

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Marisel Santana 


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