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Program Objective

The Mental Health Specialist Program is designed to train the students in all relevant aspects of dealing primary with patients suffering from behavioral and mental health issues. This Diploma program was created for those interested in working in the mental health field, and those interested in the specialization, and others whose profession require them to work with mentally ill patients. This program requires graduates to be evaluated and take a Certified Behavioral Health Technician (CBHT) – Florida Certification necessary to work in the field under the supervision of psychologists, psychiatrists, Behavior Analyst and counselors to care for emotionally disturbed and mentally ill patients.

Program Description

The students who graduate with a AS in Business Administration degree will be equipped with a knowledge of business theories, policies, and procedures and will be prepared to assume a position within the world of business. The program refines a student’s commitment to personal values and moral excellence as well as professional competence. Graduates will have acquired skills in decision-making, problem solving, and leadership, in addition to fundamental business and management procedures.

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